Apple Lossless files and streaming MB Live

Hi all,

Can someone shed some light on Apple Lossless (ALAC) files and streaming from the My Book Live to an Airport Express?

I have moved my iTunes library to the My Book Live and I have Twonky Mobile installed on my Android devices. Twonky Mobile can see both the AEX and the Twonky server on the My Book Live. So far so good.

Here’s the problem: .mp3 files stream without issue to the AEX (and to my Android device, if I choose that), but it won’t play ALAC files. (A search on this site traces this to the Sigma chip in the My Book Live not being designed to decode ALAC). However, if I choose the My Book Live library from within iTunes on a desktop PC, ALAC files stream without a problem.

Is this an issue with the Twonky Server, My Book Live or both? My ultimate goal is to stream music from the My Book without having to power on a PC. My other option is to convert my ALAC files into something that can both be streamed by the My Book and played in iTunes, which looks like AIFF.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas.


There’s no sigma chipset on the MBL. You may be confusing it with the WDTV Live, which does use the sigma.

It is an issue with the device.  Streaming “restrictions” happens all the time as the media receivers don’t have or can use every format that is available and/or being created.  Even containers like mkv & avchd (acvhd?) don’t play on all video players as the embedded video and/or the audio is not supported by a player

TonyPh12345: Ah. Got it. Thanks for clarifying.

Anotherpaul: Do you mean a limitiation in the Android device?