MBL 1 TB + New Airport Express + New Ipad + PowePlayer

Hi guys, i have littleproblems trying to streming mkv files from my MBL to mi ipad i use power player because it support H.264 codec and 720 & 1080p whith harware acceleration. Some times i can see the drive from the app, and the streaming works perfect, but some times i can not see the folders on the drive, i setup the shared folders /Public and set all type of media, the videos are in the Shared VIdeos folder, i use Twonly 5.1.9.

Any help will be appreciated.


Might be a problem with a low wireless signal that is making you lose the connection

I think the problem is related with twonky. I can acces the disk without problems if i use samba, but the app doesn’t stream with this protocol, only stream with upnp/dlna.

I will try to update the twonky server on my MBL.