Anyone know how to do this? Need help please

Hi, I purchased the WDTV Live Streaming Media player in Dec 2011. I have it wirelessly networked, and I have been able to move media files over to the 2TB hard drive I have connected to the player. I can also play the movies I have saved on the external hard drive that is connected on any computer in the house through the network.

However, I am trying to find a way to share those files on the external drive with my friends who live in diff places. I have a static IP address set to the wdtv box, and I opened a port for that ip address but I still cannot type in the static ip and port to access the files that are on the hard drive.

Does anyone know how I can accomplish this. It can be via ftp, but once again I tried using filezilla on Ubuntu 11.10 and I was unable to connect.

I’d really like to do this, because I have pictures of my friends and their kids on this hard drive but I just can’t figure out how to share the drive while it’s connected to the wdtv box.

All help is appreciated…

I doubt that is possible. For one, the IP set on the wdtv is internal to your home network, it can not be accessed from outside. Second, that would require a file server to be running on the WDTV, but there’s no such thing on it as far as I am aware.

ok :frowning: I guess I’ll figure something else out…dropbox accounts/other free accounts…got over 500 gb of stuff I’d love to share with them…was hoping for easier way but I’ll keep looking. Thanks for your response

I think it is possible.  Connecting to the WD TV Live might be using the  WebDAV protocol, my guess.  If you want to access the share on the WD TV Live via ftp, you can do a test.  See if you can ftp to it from internal to your network.  If you can then you should be able to also ftp from outside your network as long as you have set a forwarding rule in your router.  FTP uses port 21 tcp and SFTP (or secure ftp uses port 22 tcp).  

No, the WD Live SMP doesn’t use WebDAV, nor does it support FTP or SFTP.

With The HUB, it’s POSSIBLE to do this by allowing remote access to the TWONKY server.