Accessing external hard drive connected to PC in another room

I am preparing to add an external Hard drive to my PC (primarily for back-up purposes). I currently stream files from the PC with my WD TV Live with a wired connection. Does anyone know, if I add the external Hard Drive to the PC (through a USB or firewire connection) will I be able to access it wit h the WD TV live? I tried sicking a USB flash drive in one of the front USB ports on the PC and wasn’t able to locate it on the WD. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I am no networking expert that’s for sure, so am looking for help.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help or has any info.

Yes you can do what you want to do.  However you must ensure the external drive is shared properly.  I am guessing you didn’t setup sharing on your flash drive.  But you must set the sharing up properly giving all permissions.

I have 2 WDTV SMP’s, both with a 500mb drive attached to each one of them.  I can successfully play a movie off the drive attached to the WDTV SMP in the bedroom on the WDTV SMP in the lounge room.

So turn off your password required when sharing, make sure you have allowed video etc to be shared and then ensure ALL permissions are allowed.

I also use the 500mb drive attached to the WDTV in the bedroom to backup files wirelessly  off my wife’s laptop which ‘lives’ in the living room.

Wow thanks ! You are correct I did not take measures to “share” the flash drive. This hepls me make a decision as to how large an external drive to get. Now knowing I can do everything I want from the one component, I will probably go large so down the road I can store movies, etc on it.

Thank you so much for the reply and the help!

I have a similar kind of question. My computer is downstairs and the WD TV live is upstairs in my bedroom connected to a TV. I discovered recently [!] that instead of plugging a flash drive in I could access the files saved on my computer in the library - video folder on the C drive. . Most of my video is on a portable hard drive connected to the computer, and I’ve been sending files from it to the’ library’ on the C drive.  Is there a way to access the external hard drive rather than the library? What am I not doing?  Thanks.  Toby