Anyone got a decent music app to stream off My Cloud?

I’d like to find a decent way to stream my music off My Cloud.

Does anyone use a good app for tablets & phones that can do a playlist?
Or even recognize directories that have music in them.

My tablet has a Music app that lets me connect to devices (I use it to stream from My Cloud), but many album directories have the same 1st, 2nd, 3rd ect. songs named the same, and don’t let me pick which directory I want to stream from.

The Cloud seems great, until I try and stream anything off it.
My Smart TV sees everything, but it all jumbled together, and no folder/directory distinctions.

I guess I should have checked HOW others stream before buying…


What mobile OS are you using? Android or iOS? For Android some here use BubbleUPnP.

Some previous threads:

Sort out your metadata, then…

For DLNA access: BubbleUPnP.
For smb access: Kodi.
For remote access: BubbleUPnP client and BubbleUPnP Server running on MyCloud.

There are loads of DLNA/UPnP apps for Android.

For DLNA, you need to configure the twonky server properly:

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I use Android.
The only App I found was named Music (I think it’s a default app with a music symbol icon) that would connect to nearby devices.
This is how I connect to My Cloud.

I’ll check the links…


You have invested a lot of time in your effort to help others understand the functions and setting of My Cloud & it’s Twonky Server.

I when through and got everything configured.
Streaming media is working (and did before).
I’ll try and find the media metadata apps/programs you mentioned to add the correct metadata (it’s the key to success!).

Please let me say… Thank you very much!!!
Life’s little pleasures are often found by people helping others!


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