Can the Twonky server stream over internet

Is there a way to access the Twonky server that is running on the MyCloud device from the internet so I can stream my music to a mobile device ?

You must be brand new to the My Cloud scene, since this is one of the very first things folks set up on their My Cloud. To do this, you need the complete user manual you download from WD Support for your particular My Cloud. Here is the “short story” for setting it up.

First of all, Twonky is for streaming to DLNA devices within the home network. Twonky is not used to stream to your mobile devices over the internet. In your My Cloud settings, you need to turn on “Cloud Access” in Settings. Once you have it on, the My Cloud app is all you need to access and play your media via internet… I access the My Cloud device anytime I am away from home network and want to use my media via internet on the mobile device. I go in as the admin. Other people using your My Cloud need user accounts set up (by you) to do this. Wham, bam, it is done and ready to go. Like I said, it is all explained in the manual.

I have the My Cloud mobile app installed on my phone and I can play from cloud music folders but I don’t see my playlists on this app. Is there playlist support ?
Twonky can stream playlists so I was looking for a way to access Twonky over the internet from my mobile device.

The My Cloud device is both a media server and a network share, but the My Cloud app only accesses the MC device as a share, and no iOS app I know of can deal with playlists from a share; it takes a media server to handle playlists.

So, my solution for playing my playlists at home is to use my Kindle tablet (Android) and play my playlists with Android apps like Avia or Bubble/UPnP, and I can BT them to a speaker. I also have a WDTV that can handle media server or network share, so I can play my playlists from that device (using music from My Cloud).

I have repeatedly asked WD to enable some way for My Cloud app to play from playlists, but so far; nothing. It might not be possible unless the MC app can get music files via DLNA. Even so, that likely won’t help when accessing via internet, since DLNA is not useable via internet unless I am missing something, which is not likely. So, we are in the same boat with our wanting to play from playlists…

I am able to stream playlists over the internet using the Muzecast server and app, but the server has to re-scan the entire music DB to pick up playlist changes which is not very efficient.
I used to stream via google music but the need to upload my music files to the Google cloud is not something I care very much of doing.

If you have an Android phone, you can use BubbleUPnP. There is a matching BubbleUPnP server that acts as a proxy DLNA client and allows BubbleUPnP to accessyour DLNA server remotely.

Nazar78 has built the BubbleUPnP server for the v4 firmware MyCloud. Search the forum for his thread,

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