Anyone else have warranty registration issues?

so i bought a wd cloud home recently. Sealed box and all. setup it up and was using it . no issues there.

Went to register my warranty. and then i am informed that i need to furnish proof of sale as the device is out of warranty?

support pointed me to Warranty Policy | WD Support, which again refers proof of purchase - no mention of proof of sale anywhere.

any one of you encountered the same, and managed to get it resolved?


Where did you buy your device, My Cloud Home? My suggestion, go back to where you bought it and get a receipt for your purchase, their sell, if you don’t already have one.

When you go out shopping, or even buy online, you make a purchase from someone or place that is selling items. Get a receipt that shows who sold to you and all the information about your purchase.

Thing is I do have a receipt ie a proof of purchase. What they are asking for is a proof of sale …which is making me confused. I’m not the seller I’m the buyer.

I tried to explain that to you in my last reply.

What do you have showing on your sales receipt? Below is an example Wal-Mart sales/purchase receipt. Highlighted in yellow shows, ITEMS SOLD 1. Have you provided a copy of yours to WD when you try to register it.


Tbh, this is the only document i have to serve as proof of purchase.

Let me try ask back the seller then.thanks.

Have you looked at this and entered your information to see what it says the status of your warranty is?

Warranty Status | WD Support

yes i did. it indicated out of warranty, as they calculated it from build date.Support said what I have provided is not enough proof and require a proof of sale document.

anyhoo, will reach out to support again and see where it goes, although it is looking likely this item bought new , does not come with warranty.