Any easy way out there to move photos from mycloud to newly purchased MyCloud home?

Love my MyCloud…So much, that I worried that it might be getting old (I purchased it in 2015!), and I might lose all my precious photos. So I went out and purchased a brand new MyCloud Home. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home and found no simple instructions anywhere on the internet on “how to transfer from mycloud to mycloud home.” Whats up? Certainly they must have, at some point, thought that their customers might want to upgrade to a newer model? Can someone enlighten me on how one might do this? (warning, I am not a “supertech”. Speak softly and slowly using small words…LOL)

If both devices are connected to the same local network, why not just use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy files between the two devices?

One could even just map shares from each device to make it easier to access.

How to map a My Cloud or NAS device on Windows | WD Support

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac | WD Support

To have the copy process to either device go as fast as possible it is recommended to have the computer connected to the local network using Ethernet and not WiFi if possible.

Also note there is a subforum for the My Cloud Home as that is a completely different device than the My Cloud line of devices.

Ok , thanks.
Just ran into a second problem… Although I can access Mycloud through the app, I can’t seem to access it on the website. It just keeps telling me “cannot connect to MyCloud”. So I can’t even access the device to begin with.
(I have my MyCloud hooked up through my google Wifi. It use to work, but the lasst few times I have tried to access, it gives me this message.) I am unsure of how to hook up a second device (Mycloud Home) using google Wifi though!

**Edit. Second problem solved

Thanks so much! All fixed!

If you are in the return period. . . . take a very hard look at the feature set of the MyCloudHome.

It is NOT a NAS box like the old MyCloud was. Make sure you understand what you are getting into.

No kidding, lots of people found out the hard way about the My Cloud Home. They thought it was a replacement for the My Cloud, only to find out it wasn’t. :smiley:

To be honest, it seems like the OS/5 is moving in the direction of the MyCloudHome.

They have marketing people saying users want “stress free”; “web integrated**”; and “plug-n-play” . Plus. . . certain features of the new EdgeRover app shall be monetized. . . .and they are finding a way to do that.

Unfortunately, these trends are running counter to those who want “Flexible”; “Private”; and “Secure***”.

** [/speculation] The power of marketing: The fast and easy “web experience” is probably the key to the monetization involved with the upcoming EdgeRover app. However, most of the losers (like me) in the US only have a 5mbs upload speed. That is a tremendous bottleneck to data transfers - - -which can only be mitigated by only transferring “smaller” files across the web. And from these simple facts. . .paultry web speeds and monitization. . . . indexing (and “transcoding” for higher end units).was born. Note that 3/4 of the problems with OS5 relate to “indexing”. . . but indexing is essential, so it must stay. . . and if a few 5 year old devices (out of warranty) get bricked along the way. . . .so be it.

***Note that OS5 and MyCloudHome both advertise “Secure”. From what I have seen, I think their definition of “Secure” and my definition of “Secure” have very little overlap.