Another "No Storage Present" problem

I was able at one time to sync the HUB to my PC(Win 7, 64 bit).  I disabled it and now I am trying to enable it again…and I am getting the error of “No Storage Present”.  I can access the HUB from my desktop no problem.  I uninstalled Windows Live etc…can anyone help me with this?



Wired or wireless connection to the Hub?

Good luck on a long-term solution…I have had inermittent issues since the day I plugged the Hub in.  Not only with my Windows 7 HTPC, but with an older XP box as well.  Network shares appear and disappear randomly - at least I cannot find a pattern.  The “best” solution that works most often is to reboot the PC’s and unplug the wireless adapter from the hub…wait about 10 seconds and plug it back in. Effective maybe 90% of the time.

And no - I am not having any issues with my wireless network, it works fine for everything else.

I would love to test with a wired solution but do not have a wire where the Hub is located…not worth it to get a powerline adapter just to try it as a solution.

I am having a similar problem: network shares disappear, with “no storage present”. I use a wired connection. After rebooting both the PC and the HUB, the latter goes into perpetual cycle of trying to log itself in. After clearing logging/password info and re-entering it, everything works again. This is a daily set of tasks for me - I am out of ideas. Does anyone have a solution?

eugbar:  I would look in the PC’s EVENT LOGS and SECURITY LOGS to see what IT thinks is going on.

I have the same problem as the start of this thread.  I sync’ed a cou0ple of items and then turned the Sync from network share off for a couple of hours while I uploaded a few videos and did some edits.  When I went to setup the sync function again.  (two hours later, no new hardware, or configuration changes!) I received and still receive the No Storage Present problem.  The network share is visible from other equipment .

Does anyone have a real solution to this???

Running FW 2.03.24