Andriod App problem on Galaxy Note20

I have been using the Android app for WD ReadyView on my Galaxy Note20 since at least the beginning of 2021 without any problems. All app functions worked. A couple months ago certain functions stop working. I can no longer access the following: System Recordings, Camera Manager, Config Manager, Firmware. These options do not respond.

Live view, My Snapshots, Alert Manager work fine.

The recording unit has been restarted several times with no change. I can access all functions via the user interface via IP address on a laptop.

I tried to install the app on an iPad but cannot get past the login. The password is not being accepted and there is no “Forgot Password” option although I can log into everything else with the passwords I have.

Can you give me any idea what to try? Is there anything via the WD site that has changed which would affect access these functions?