Android ReadyView app does not see recordings

I can log in on the Android mobile app and see live views but in System Recordings, I cannot see any recordings even though I pick a day and scroll through the timeline. Nothing shows up on the timeline eventhough there are videos recorded that can be viewed on the system. Is there a setting I need to grant access? I could not find it.

Did it say system error when you log into the app on your Android? I was using it on my iOS and it alerted me with system Errors and tell me to check info. So turns out the hard drive was not functioning right and wants me to reboot the machine. Voila it works, once it reconnected everything. Hope this helps.

No, reboot did not work.

I’m seeing this issue too on my Android phone.

I am having the same issue. Alert videos show up fine. System recordings for all cameras message says “no video”. Tried rebooting and power cycling. Didn’t help.

After power cycle and waiting overnight my recordings are back. I suspect the NVR had to re-index the files. And with 30 days of 5 cameras it wasn’t going to be instantaneous.