Always needs a power re-connection

I just got this WD Elements 3TB USB3. Save everything I need to it and everything seems fine.

But it needs power re-connect every time when the computer wakes up from sleep or reboot. USB cable re-connect doesn’t help. It shows unknown USB device.

It was unrecognize at all at the beginning. After a few reboots, now it shows the drive but only able to see the folders. After I open folder and subfolder into the very end subfolder, no file shows up. I cannot open or save anything until a power re-connect is performed.

I am using Win7 and hopefully my computer is USB3 capable. But the speed is kind of slow so I guess my USB ports are USB2. It should not make any difference, right?

Certain computer Bios do not restablish the power to the USB when coming from sleep thus not allowing the drive to wake up.

See if you can update the Bios and the Drivers for the USB controller.

The fact that the port is USB 2 should only have an impact on the speed not the hibernation performance. 

Thank you very much, John.

It did work and forgive my late came back. I had to test the solution a few times by reboots and sleeps.

Well, same problem came back. :confounded:

My computer now says “unknown device”.

It means “USB device not recognized”:mansad:

Try the steps provided on the link bellow:

Here is the dilemma.

After a unplug and replug-in the power (USB cable reconnect doesn’t work), my computer recognizes the external HD. Everything works fine.

But after more than one sleeps or reboots, my computer starts reading folders only (shows empty under each folder or subfolder, but they do have files, in this stage I can no longer write anything to it), and then next or two sleeps or reboots, it totally unrecognizes the HD.

On the HD side, if the LED flashes during my computer’s sleep or off, my computer will fully recognize the HD when it comes back alive. But when the LED stays lid constantly during the sleeps or off, my computer will do the gradual unrecognision until it shows “Unknown USB Device”.

I have switched both USB ports and the power sources. No luck.

Now everytime I need to write to the HD, I need to unplug then replug. Which is OK with me so far. But it’s not right and I am worrying something might be wrong.

Please help.

Thank you very much.


I think I finally realized I probably bought a defetive product. It might be the power supply unit of this external hard drive has a problem. I hooked up to two computers the HD did the same thing to both.

I hopr wanranty covers it.


The problem I am having is I connect the cord to the device and to the computer however the white light doesn’t come on showing that the device is running.  I have to manipulate the cord and pull the connection toward me for it to turn on and I have to keep holding it or it shuts off.  This is a fairly new device and I just don’t like having to hold the power connector every time.  Uggghhh  I am sending it back to see if they will replace or fix it.