Strange Problem - PC Sleep Mode - WD3200

Hi All,

I have a very weird problem!

I’m running Windows 7 64bit and, as my other external hdd has just died :frowning: , I have been using my old 320gb wd3200 with my laptop.

My laptop won’t recognise the drive on waking up after I close the laptop lid and place it in sleep mode.  It constantly connects and immediately disconnects, over and over again, giving a ‘usb device not recognised’ error bubble in the bottom right.  I spent ages and tried everything I could think of to try and fix the problem - no luck.

Here’s the weird part

I thought i’d try one last thing and try connecting it to a different PC…all of a sudden it worked!  Like a dream. 

All the data was still there so I backed everything up and downloaded the wd diagnostic software and ran every test - no errors.  So I did a low level format and crossed my fingers that it would work when I connected back to my laptop. 

There were no problems so I thought it was sorted.   But no, next time it wakes on opening the lid the same disconnecting and connecting infinitely.   But weirdly, i connect it to the other PC and it works fine???  Not obnly that but i can then disconnect from the main PC and reconnect it to the laptop and it works fine…

until the next time I close the lid.!!!

Any ideas guys, I’m stumped!


If you have a USB powered hard drive it could be that the PC is not providing enough energy to make the hard drive work correctly. I also found an article on the knowledge base, but is for Windows Vista.