All Firewire Ext. Disks Erased!


Hi there!

I have an imac 27” late 2009 (i7 - 16Gb Ram) with High Sierra installed and two External HD Western digital firewire (one is a my studio 1TB and the other isa a My Studio II 2+2Tb in Raid 1 configuration).

I don’t know if it’s important, but yesterday I made an upgrade to my mac with an SSD installed in the super drive sata slot with a clean install of the High Sierra OS.

As soon I reconnected all my ext drives, everything runs fine. I also reinstalled the WD raid control (for the My Studio II) and it looks like that everything was correctly managed.

I worked, I used my ext drives (in which I store my data files - in the raid 1 one) and nothing strange happened. I went to bed leaving the mac on because it had to finish the upload on my dropbox and this morning I turned everything off without payng attention if something changed in my disk actually… but when I restarted the mac, the OS asked me if I want to use the firewire disks for the time machine!!!

I immediately figured out that something was running bad; both disk were completely erased. The name of the disks was “My Studio” as when they come out from the factory.

I’m astonished, all my data files are gone. I have, of course, another back up of the raw files, but I lost all the worked ones, the libraries, the completed jobs and so on.

This is a big, big, big problem for me.

Anyone encountered this problem? Anyone has a suggestion on what can be happened (because now, I did not trust the raid 1 anymore!).

Anyone has a suggestion on how I can recover my TOC data file (I hope the files are still there and only the table was erased).

Anyone has a tissue?