Can't see my files!

I got a wd my studio FireWire (1tb) that did work well wirh an imac (wirh yosemite, and raid 1)
I connected it wirh a new mac (by a thunderbolt adapter if it matters) and Finder says that there are 0 files and 999gb available on the disk.
If i plug it again on the old Mac, it works the same way (no files on it). Yesterday it worked well.

Actually, finder’s informations say that there are 999gb on the disk but also 650gb used. Maybe my files are somewhere, but how can i access?

Being a raid configuration mode disk, i got no copy of those files. Argh.

Hi alstov, since it is important for you to recover your files, I recommend you to contact support before trying anything else.

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thanks jubei04,

i did it, nov 12, no answers.

I did it again yesterday.

I also tryed with a data recovery software (lazesoft). It freezes after 3 hours and no results.

Now i’m trying easeus data recovery. Will see.

Any advice?

Anyway it’s pretty a mess. I just plugged the my studio hard drive in a brand new iMac, and all files disappered.

Never had worst drama that this in my 20 years old data driven life :slight_smile:


Hi again alstov,

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so, that’s how the story ended.

Probabily my file system get corrupted when i took off the cable from one iMac to another (however the unit was in stand-by and not working).

it was a real pain to recover all my files (not finished yet) as the software i used for recovery got them all but put in one directory and changed their names. 400k files!

customer service answered to every ticket but with no solutions.

So, I think:

  • is it possible that units that cost so much, does not have any kind of protection for these events?

  • is it possible that a company that works with external hard drives so much, does not have any tips about recoving losen files?

  • raid is completely useless. In my case, I lost all, even if the unit was raid configured. So It’s better to have 2 external disks connected with 2 different cables and mirror them manually. Raid is useless.

I’m really upset about it.

Maybe it’s my fault but, really, I guess that 2014 hardware (and companies dealing with hardware) should be more solid.

Yeah raid does not always save the day. I myself see a raid solution (one that is fault tolerant, not raid 0) as a convenience, but raid does not negate the need for a good backup (and if your data is extremely important to you, then a redundant backup).  Oftentimes a NAS can give you the platform to put a backup of your small portable and other computers being used.  I myself use a synology NAS a four drive solution using the Synology raid solution which allows me a single drive failure and my NAS keeps on going.  Now inspite of having raid in use on my synology device, I have an external drive of 5TB sitting on top of my synology NAS backing it up.  Well you can probably tell I don’t trust my important stuff to a single point of failure. 

I hope you don’t lose too much of your work.  But remember raid is a convenience, backup (and redundant at that) is still a best practice. I myself have had raid let me down, but I had a backup to fall back to (I manage servers for a living, and the new installs seem to fail sooner than some older servers I have had running for a few years).

Good luck