After update to OS v5 not working

After “My Cloud EX2 Ultra” update to version OS 5 not working on my Organization (Printer Scan to folder using SMB, IP camera not recording video to share folder and etc.)
Please help!!
I’m try change password on user but not working.
When i’m set to “Public ON” is working, but set off is not working with user and password.!
SMB is set to “1”, “2” and “3”
When connect to folders using Windows Explorer is working, but not working on other devices…
Screenshot_2020-11-03 MyCloudEX2Ultra My Cloud EX2 Ultra ™|690x435

Similar but not the same here.

I get some similar warnings in the log too, but it shows:
CIFS: Authentication for user [nobody] has FAILED.

Actually I didn’t find which device or account doesn’t work. So I have no idea, what happened on earth.

I must say, OS 5 is full of SURPRISES.

Your printers and scanners may be using the unsecure NTLMv1 authentication which was removed from Samba 4.5.0 (2016) which is included in OS 5.
The workaround is posted in the below Sonos thread that I have listed below until a firmware release fix is available. Let me know if this helps your issue.

Will the fix be released soon? our office does not have printers/scaners and cameras do not work :(((
“3. Add this option to the global config of the smb.conf file using SSH” how to do it can’t i? i’m unknown…

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This “Sonos” tread is working. My IP Camera and scanners now is working :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to a firmware release fix the equipment to fix the mistake for a long time

Firmware 5.05.111 contains the feature in Windows Protocol to support SMBv1 and NTLMv1.

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