SMB Connection sporadic with My Cloud 6TB

I have an 5 or so year old MyCloud 6TB and I noticed recently I have had issues with the SMB connection to my shares.

The issue being that both Windows and my Android device accessing the share will not open the file, or will only after repeated tries. I did a recent firmware update around August 21st and started noticing the issue. Wondering if anyone else has any recommendations?

What is the current firmware version now post firmware update? One can access the My Cloud Dashboard to find what firmware version their device is running.

If you updated to the OS5 (v5.x) firmware see the dedicated subforums for the OS5 firmware:

My Cloud OS5 Personal & Network Attached Storage

If using OS5 see the following WD Knowledge Base Articles that may have additional relevant information. Some OS5 users have fixed their SMB issues by changing the SMB Protocol value in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > Windows Services section.

My Cloud OS 5: Online User Guide and Solutions

My Cloud OS 5: Change Windows Samba (SMB) Protocol Version

The WD Support Knowledge Base may have further articles and support one can search for.

So the firmware version I read is v04.05.00-342, so doesn’t fall under the Cloud OS 5 situation and I don’t believe I am having a problem just on the windows side, as I would have no connectivity, but I do see the folders, and sometimes the files will open, but not consistently. This is also happening on the android device as well.