Advanced power mode for home using of wireless devices

Since I use My Passport Wireless Pro mostly at home and since I use AC Wi-Fi mode, so the battery become exhausted too quickly.

For this reason MPWP most of time attached to the charger.

Perhaps this is harmful to the battery, and it is worth adding a mode in the power settings, in which the device is constantly connected to the power source. Maybe you can somehow power the device directly, bypassing the battery.

I do not know, maybe this is already implemented, but I did not find information about the features of long-term power supply from the charger. In this case, I would like more information about the different power modes in the web interface.

PS My Passport Wireless Pro is magic device. This is mobile file server. It is unbelievable ))

I’d be careful. The Passport Wireless was not designed for constant in home use as a NAS drive. It was designed for self-powered portable wireless use on the go.

Although WD has said they fixed MPW problems of battery damage when they are always plugged in, I would not push my luck. If it is for only infrequent use of a few hours a day, you might be able to do this, but be sure to remove power at end of sessions, and especially over night. If you need a remote storage location at home, consider getting a true NAS that is designed to be plugged in 24/7 to home network. WD makes lots of different models.

Well, if I want 24/7 NAS I can use my PC with 2-3 Tb HDD with shared folders or old laptop.

I need a portable file server.

So the I can use programmable socket which will power the charger every, let’s say, 5 hours. Nice idea? )

Next idea is to use Wi-Fi socket - every time battery’s power is low, MPWP must switch the wifi socket on and make self-charge, at 100% MPWP must switch the wifi socket off. I think it is software implementation and it is easy to modify software.

I have Orvibo wifi socket, so I can test beta-software ))

Some good ideas, so let us know what you select to use.

You can use TP-Link smart plug and even control it from your Alexa device (You don’t have one?) or plug’s app.

First of all, I want to remind the main idea is - AUTOMATIC charging of the device. There is no differ I unplug charger or I press button in android application.

Well, I have one small trouble.
Yes, I have Orvibo S20 Wi-Fi socket. And yes, I found Linux applications for Wi-Fi sockets - Domoticz and UDP Sender. But I am not Linux user and I can brick my device as easy as say 1-2-3.

It looks very easy:

loop (

But may be it is possible to switch power on or off even using existed circuits inside of MPWP.
I have usb charger for 18650 batteries, and after batteries is fully charged, charger no more charges batteries. Batteries become cold, power consumption are almost stopped, just LEDs are powered.
I don’t think it is а trouble for WD.

So. For a now.
I don’t have programmable socket, although it was planned to buy it on Aliexpress. An it is not “smart” charging.
But seems Orvibo’s application can do the same. So now I think I will use OrviboS20 as “dumb” programmable Wi-Fi socket. OrviboS20 must be connected to Internet to do programmed cyclic actions. Yes, it is bad.

Look here - now 2017, not 2007 or 1997. It is century of smart-, hi- and automated- technologies. And “smart” charging is “must have” function.
You are plug the device a charger at evening and go to sleep. Will you wake up on alarm-clock to unplug device at midnight? Sounds strange, isn’t it?

It is software issue, and can be (or already) implemented in firmware release.

All are bad.
When MPWP connected to usb charger with no power, battery lasts 2 hours and become fully exhausted.
The charger drains the battery.

So the only way to make “smart” charging is to implement this mode in new firmware.