Admin unable to upload via My Cloud website

Hey there, so I’m having a problem uploading to my My Book Live remotely using the My Cloud website. When I access the website, I see the sveeral folders I have on there and can access them just fine, however only the Public folder allows me to upload to it. All of the other folders have the ‘eye’ symbol, indicating read-only access, and sure enough, when I click through to them, there are no ‘upload’ or ‘create folder’ buttons.

I then checked the solution for this on the site linked below, however it doesn’t work for me. When I go on my User Settings page, the only user I’ve given web access to is the admin account. The admin account already has full access to every folder in the settings, so logically the My Cloud website ought to give me full access as well. And yet it doesn’t. It only gives me read-only access, despite being the admin!

Anyone able to help me on this, please?

If it helps matters, I’m using macOS High Sierra and Firefox 64.0.2 browser.

Knowledge base answer that I tried but failed

Please follow the below mentioned link to enable the remote access.

You can contact us via phone.