Adding a drive

I had just one 4T drive in mt EX4. I bought a second but couldn’t find clear instructuions about adding aditional drives. So to be save, I shut it down, added the drive and booted it back up. The LCD screen reads ‘Disk inserted into Bay 2’ But i’ve not been prompted to format it or anything. And I dont see it in the interface. My intention is to backup Bay 1 onto Bay 2. Both drives are WD Red 4TB NAS Hard Drives. How do I format the drive in Bay 2 and set it up to backup Bay 1?

Additionally, the blue light above Bay one is flashing. I am not reading from or writeing to the drive. Why is it doing that? 


Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

When you add a second drive, the unit will format the drive automatically and it will be set on JBOD

For information about internal backups please see page 59 of the user manual.

“Link to manual”

Thank you.

Set up a RAID 1 and it 's formating my drives. Question, when I add two more drives in the future, what will me set-up options be that dont involve formating? 

The documentation on adding a drive is completely missing from the manual. If fact there is nothing in the documentation about how to work the unit beyond using the dashboard. Replacing a drive is missing, adding a drive is missing, expanding a RAID is missing…

Great unit, documentation ■■■■■.