Adding new drive to my EX4

Hi All
I am having trouble adding an aditional drive to my EX Cloud 4
I currently have 2x 2tb WD Green drives running raid over spanned volume. When I insert the new drive which is identical to the other 2 drives the drive light is a constant red/blue light. When I look under disk status it shows 3 drives all at 2tb, but my total storage shows 4tb.
Do I need to remove the other drives and just put in new drive and format that drive first, the re insert the other drives…or do I have to start again with the 3 drives?
Any help would be great

remove your existing 2 drives first and insert the new one then format it. after re-insert those 2 drives… done

I tried that but when I went to option to reformat it wasn’t highlited…it just kept flashing

Ok so I power it off and remove the first 2 drives, I then insert the new drive and go into utilities and format the new drive? then I power it off and re add the first two drives?

yes thats right

Thanks I will give it a try when I have more time

Ah you may just answered my question as I have a EX4100 Diskless and I added 2 4TB drives and once I get some more spare cash I will want to add 2 more but was afraid it would format the existing 2 :slight_smile:

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Just make sure you remove your existing drives first…format new drive
then re insert old drives

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But the FORMAT command is grayed out! How do you format ONE drive for a RAID 5 array?

Your not formatting as a raid five array you are just formatting the drive for the system to recognise it…once it is formatted replace your other drives and it will pick up the array