Acronis True Image Update Activation Code

I have been using Acronis True Image WD edition for about a year now. I got a notice while performing a backup that an update was available. Since I had upgraded to Windows 10, I downloaded the update and ran the installation file. After an issue with it being unable to update some files due to their being in use, which I solved by ending the processes in Task Manager, the installation (update) ran without incident. After rebooting, I opened the software, at which time I was prompted to sign in. I did so and was asked for an activation code, which I do not have , nor have I ever been asked for one before. It was my understanding that this was a free version with somewhat limited capabilities. Does this updated version require purchasing to use? I would appreciate any help with this issue since I use this software for my system backups. Thanks!

Hi, most likely the update you downloaded and installed was from Acronis itself and that’s the reason why you are seeing this, can you please share the version of Acronis that was downloaded?

I downloaded the Acronis update here on the WD website. The product is Acronis TrueImage 2015, File version, file size 215 mb, date modified 11/23/2015 1:50 pm as reported by Windows Explorer properties when I right-click on the installer. This is the file name of the package I downloaded: “atih_installer_oem_branded_6126_en-US”. I can’t actually open the program since it keeps asking for the activation code.

Hi Conrad,
I had the same issue.
I have installed my M.2 SSD drive on my laptop but after downloading the Acronis it was asking for the activation key.

  1. I’m using windows 10 so I went to Disk management [Windows key + X -> Click on Disk Management ]
  2. Right Click on the newly installed drive and select Delete Volume
  3. HIt Ok
  4. Restart your PC
  5. Reinstall Acronics Tool

it worked for me :slight_smile:

The only option that I see is to find an older version and install it again

There are sites that store archives of old versions of Acronis True Image