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I have a strange problem and two WD NAS drives - My Book Live 3T and My Cloud 4T.

I can access both of them via my home network.

I cannot access neither nor using Firefox. After pressing on sign in button COMPLETELY NOTHING happens.

Using IE I can access the web with two icons representing My Book Live and My Cloud drive. Here I can access My Cloud drive and their shered folders but NOT My Book Live. While pressing 'View Shared" in My Book Live part the new webpage appear for a moment with the number of shared folders (one second almost) then the page redirects to Oracle Java site.

I have reinstalled Java and I have got  the most recent version.confirmed.

I will deeply appreciate your assistance. Thank you in advance.

try the newer app mycloud.

I thank you.

But this is a kind of solution that bypas s the quite common problem among many unfortune users.

I cannot install the software (My Cloud app) on every end each computer I can potentialy use to get access to my files.

This utility, web access has to serve users to get easy and simple connection to their fies without any other additional intervention concerning any software installation.

Let say I am to use a Bob’s computer ans Bob does not wont me to install any software on his machine, etc.

I can give here a lot of similar examples.

The access to my files from anyplace has to be fully neutral. Above all the way of using is recomended by WD and should work. The method should be fully compatible with the most popular browsers.

BTW an address opens… try by yourself, please.

If someone has any helpful solution on the problem descibed here, I will deeply appreciate it.

Perhaps WD Technical Staff can take a look on the problem and express their opinion.