Can't Access My Book Live on

After changes on to I can’t access my file remotely already. Please let me know how can I access my “My Book Live” and map the drive remotely.

Thank you

Hi, with the latest update on the website you are unable to remotely map the drive as a share. You can connect to the My Book Live by using the WD My Cloud Desktop application.

Thanks lluna, yes i downloaded the my cloud application on my desktop however my drive cannot be recognized by my the application each time i will log in device is not found.

But i have noticed, with my cousin my Cloud drive, we tried to login into my desktop apps but he can easily login and get his files, but on my book live, after the upgrade i cant access it remotely anymore. Even using the application my cloud.

I have upded my firmware, but still i cant access my file remotely. Hoping for other iputs thanks