Access to Backup Files denied

I have a WD Passport for MAC which backs up my files regularly, but recently when I had some problems, I was able to display some of my directories, but was denied access to them. I got a message telling me that “I did not have permission to access these files”. The screenshots show the extent of the problem. I fail to see why access is denied, as I am the administrator for the computer. I have tried to attach screenshots showing the error messages, but I am unable to do so.

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I would recommend you to open Disk utility and check how your WD Passport for Mac recognized there. Try to repair disk permission which allows you to resolve the issue. You can also check this similar thread: Access Denied on file retrieval. Hope it helps.

Hi Donald, I opened up disk utility and went into first aid tab. It performed the operation and said that everything was OK. Lo and behold, I seem to be able to access some of the files that were marked access denied. however some fo the directories for my wife I cannot access, although I am the administrator, so I will have to try your link. Sorry I have not got back sooner.