Denied Access on My Passport

Over the months, I’ve stored files on the WD My Passport. All files were located on the D:

This morning, WD request that I create a password (which I did) and it created a new Encrypted drive on the E:

Now when I go back to the D: (all my files are there) they are all in Read Only and I can’t delete any files or create new folders in the D: When I attempt to make any changes it states: You need to provide administration permission to delete this folder.

I’ve looked and do not see a way to gain permission or where to type in my password (that created the E:)

How do I gain access to modify this drive of information?

Echo your frustration.
I downloaded what i thought was updated software but turned out to be WD security (which i don’t need). Being untech savvy i thought i had to enter a password which i did. Now my WD Mt Passport refuses to back up and I get the RAID issue (This seems to be common with WD devices - I had exactly the same problem on a previous “My Passport.”
I wanted to uninstall the WD Security module but it’s impossible it seems and my requestmto the community has come up with no responses.
Sio I now have a My Passport with 1.3TB of back-up which i cant access and am looking for a Mac expert locally to see what he can do. (£££s $$$s)
My next external hard drive will not be WD related.
Probably doesn’t help you at all but “I feel your pain”