Access outside the local Network?

Recently I bought a WD sharespace 4TB. Everything works fine, the android app, mionet works fine (but very slow!). But hey, I got some slow internet connection so what the heck… :slight_smile:

Now I would like to have access from anywhere in the world at the following:

  • Network storage system (admin)

  • Downloader

  • FTP (for transferring files)

How can I access the Network Storage System? Whitin the LAN network there is no problem, but if I want to access from anywhere in the world i DONT KNOW where to go to. Where can I find the adress?

First I tried to go to But that’s my local adress I guess? So it doesn’t work from other places outside the local LAN. Maybe a bit stupied, but I can’t find anything about this in the manual.

Can someone help me? Please.

With kind regards, Marijn


Have you tried right clicking on the drive and chooseing show device web page?

If you are using XP choose invoke

If you want to access your drive from anywhere in the world via ftp you can use Mionet. However this can be a little slow at times.

Another thing that may work would be seting up an account at dyndns (this is if you dont have a static IP) so that you can configure a subdomain name. This will allow to access your home network everytime using the name instead of the wich if is dynamic will change.

Dyndns has a utility that you can install on one of your computers and it will automatically update your external IP address.

Once you have this configured go to your router and poing por 21(ftp port) to your share space(make sure you have a static IP setup on your drive. 

Then using a FTP client like filezilla you can try entering your domain ( user name and password and see if you can access it. 

Unfortuantely I dont have a share space but I have other network drives and I beleive this will work.

I will be getting a Sharespace soon and as soon as I get I will try this and will try to edit this post with detailed inforamtion on how to configure this.