Access My Cloud via usb cable

Hi, i don’t know if there’s any topic that explain my question but i’m wondering if i can connect my pc directly to my cloud hard drive using an usb cable.


No it cannot be connected to a computer using a USB cable. the USB port on the back is to import USB drive contents to the MCH.

So if i get “netless” there’s nothing i can do. :frowning:

@micheljesus Have you looked at the User Manual for the My Cloud Home? The following is from the manual and below that is a link to the manual.

USB Port(s) These USB ports are not designed to connect a My Cloud Home device directly to a host computer system.

i see. So i can’t connect to the hard drive other way than wi-fi right?

If your router, computer, and Home are all connected to the same network switch box they can all be connected to home network (and internet) at same point and they can all communicate with one another via wired connection. My setup is this way, but not everyone uses network switches or has the capability to do this NOT recommending this setup for you.