A Year Later Dormant Drive Working? Yehaaa...but

Hi All,

Over a year ago I could no longer access a new 2TB My Book that was full. I posted a thread back then: No Drive Access! w/Images. I tried various software’s, other PC’s, cables, and took that drive to a shop,etc. I considered the data (movies) lost and bought 2 more 3TB My Books.

A couple days ago I setup my new Synology 8-bay NAS. Since all the My Book boxes are identical (green), I accidently opened and plugged in that bad 2TB drive to the USB 3.0 port on the NAS. I started moving movie files then realized what had happened…it was now working, albeit very slow transfer speed.

About 3 hours later the drive stopped (“lost connection…”). I re-plugged power/USB and started moving files again. A couple hours later it stopped again due to lost connection, probably my laptop settings issue. Now neither the PC’s or NAS will recognize the drive. I waited several hours, tried again, several times, no worky. It does three rapid flashes about 10 seconds after it’s powered up.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get it working again. I was able to get about 15% of the data off of it. My next approach is to put the drive in the freezer, run the cables through the door seal, connect that way. I tried this a few years ago on a bad drive and was very very successful.

The drive might have bad sectors, you can try to write zeros to the drive to see if you get that working properly again