A question before I buy

Hi All,

I need to buy the NAS My Cloud EX4. I need for the future the 24 TB one.

But since I do not need this capacity now, I would like to buy the empty one (WDBWWD0000NBK) and then two WD Red disk of 6 TB.

Sounds possible ?? Can I buy the empty one (WDBWWD0000NBK) or I’m forced to buy the WDBWWD0240KBK ?

I’m very confused on the part number…so apologize for the question :flushed:

Thanks in advance.

Are you planning to not use any RAID protection for your data? Or plan on exactly hallving your data capacity using RAID I? 

If you purchased 2x6TB disks and placed them into service using JBOD ( disaster waiting to happen to your data ) you would have 12TB of unprotected data.  

If you used the same 2x6TB disks to create a RAID 1 mirror the exact same data would be copied to both disks leaving you with 6TB of usable space.  You could in the future buy the next set of 6TB disks and have a total of 12TB of space.

…Or you could pony up and buy the 24TB model now and run all four disks in RAID 5 with a little over of 18TB of protected data.

…If i was in your shoes and needed to scale to 24TB of protected space I would be looking for higher end NAS product like a Synology 8-disks base unit that allows for expansion drive bays.  


Thanks for the reply.

I’m planning to use (at this moment) a RAID 1.

And then let see how to continue… I can do a RAID 5 or also a RAID 10 (12TB). For sure I want to sleep well and do not leave my data unprotected :smiley:

I’m a home user… with tons of files spread over thousand of HD… with 6 TB I’m fine :slight_smile: but I consider the future and the tons of photos :smiley:

Suggest you get the newer model EX4100 which ships with beefer specs.

Why waste your money…let me quote here independent reviews; highlighting the apathetic app development of this platform.  

“The appeal of multi-purpose NAS devices to many are the applications that can be installed on top of the NAS’s firmware.  Some ecosystems are extremely rich, while others are somewhat barren.  Western Digital’s app ecosystem sadly falls into the latter.  This can certainly be addressed over time, but at the time this review is published, there are only a handful of options.  Sadly, the available apps for the DL4100 are the same was what we saw in our EX4 review, and that was in November of 2013.  These are third-party apps, so developers have to want to adapt their application for the DL4100, but it would be nice to have seen more apps available today than there were 15 months ago.”


man go for empty NAS and use two 6TB Red WD, note that if you need to expand the storage you will need to reconfigure the raid and lose all data…

If you haven’t purchased an EX4 or MyCloud product already… don’t. There’s one thing that WD does great and that’s producing hard drives. Buy an external cloud storage unit from another vendor that offers full support and frequent updates and fill it up with WD drives.  I would’ve asked to return this unit for a refund long ago but it’s too much hassle to replace right now as I’m too busy with work. This unit is for a home user at best, it’s not even potentially usable for a business setting. This unit isn’t a plug and play either, you constantly have to keep messing with it and rebooting it to keep it runnning as it should. This is 2015, external storage with full cloud streaming capabilities should be way more simple than the units WD has to offer. 

Sorry WD, you clearly said this forum is for “users to help other users” and the best advice I can give another forum user is to stay far away from your MyCloud products. But hey, I still love your hard drives, so don’t ban me :slight_smile:

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Thansk for all the suggestions… :smiley:

I have had a EX4 with 4 x 4TB drives configured as RAID5 for the last several months and have had not issues.

The processor is underpowered but for my application is ok.

Primary application is data backup and media server.

Write speed is typically averaging 40 megabytes/second while read is 80 megabytes/second via network share and FTP write averages 50MB/S.

All said and done I am happy with it and have not experienced any of the issues described in this forum.