800 MB Movies for WD TV

hey i have 250 + original dvds i wanna rip as 800mb avi files

ive downloaded a few and played them on WD TV and there excellent

how on earth do i do that ???

somebody recommended makemkv , although it works and i appreciate the link and advice , a 6 or 7gb file isnt acceptable to me when i could potentially use that space for 10 dvd rips

any avice ??? im using dvd decryptor to create a iso file and then using fairuse wizard to create them , is that an easy way to do it or is there a simpler free way to do it ???


Search for an application called DVD Catalyst 3. This will rip your DVD’s and convert your already ripped files to sizes you want. I use it for encoding movies for my Droid phone and for storage to watch on my WD TV.