Converting DVD's to us on WD TV

Hi all happy new year , newbie here

2 questions i need help with if anybody can help me

1.  i have 250 + dvd’s ( original’s ) that i wish to put on my external drive to take with me wherever i want , i have been

     using xilisoft DVD ripper ultimate , which  converts to avi or mpeg but around 1.5 - 2gb files , thats not the problem ,

    because at that size their the best video quality and sound etc , but they wont play on the WD TV  but some i

    downloaded at 700mb do

   so whats the best way to do this , it says on the box it supports avi and mpeg but yet isnt playing them ??

   suppose im a bit confused as to what it will play

  1. i have a WD Passport 500gb external drive also , but when i connect that the WD TV Media Player isnt recognising it

any help will do thanks

check post

 for the second part a small advice;

it is important that how you remove your disk from your pc. never just unplug the USB cable but remove the drive using related device icon on sys tray . WDTV  usually does not recognize drives that were just unplugged from the pc.

DVD Catalyst 3 is my software of choice… I’ve used it to rip 400+ dvd’s for my Droid and WD TV