Software to conver to WD Live Media player via computer

I have been using Magic DVD Ripper to convert my DVDs to .avi files to copy to my Media player but I have just found out that you could copy the dvd first (it is a home dvd recorder - NOT pre-recorded movies) to my computer and then convert from there (it means I can use re-writable disks) is there any software that can convert to .avi from computer bearing in mind that there is a .99gb file size and some of my movies are overlapping on the file size ie one film finishes and then the other one starts. Many thanks in anticipation bbuk


There should be plenty of software capable of doing what you are requesting. Lets see if other users can provide some suggestions.

Conversion is done with the usual free suspects: Handbrake, Staxrip, Hybrid, Ripbot.264, MeGUI…