5 year old WD Red with 0 hour, still ok to use?

I bought two WD2003FYPS build in 2010 sealed in the original plastic box. According to the serial numbers they are out of warranty, although they have 0 operating hours. Are these drives save to use in my NAS or should I send them back and get some drives with a recent manufacturing date? Any comments welcome. Thank you.

Best Helge.


This drive should not represent any problems to you. The only issue I see is that the warranty has expired.


I’m curious about this … have you tested ?

No, you can’t use them now. The magnets have degraded too much…? Of course you can use them! :smile:

If you don’t have any use for them, then please consider donating them to some organization like Wikimedia Foundation.

Send them back? How can you? You posted this question in 2015, but you bought the drives in 2010. What store has a 5 year return policy? I would love to buy components from them. I once bought an Intel quad core CPU that I didn’t use for years. It was sealed, boxed version with the cooler. I ended up building a new PC with it for myself.

WD Red? Where did you get that idea? Those are WD RE4, enterprise level drives. Raid edition! Not Red! Those existed before Red and the other color branding of Caviar drives.