WD RED 4TB Warranty 3 Years or Less?

I bought 2 WD RED 4TB WD40EFRX NASware 3.0 yesterday on 23rd January 2016 and registered both of them on the same day on Western Digital website. After registration I checked the warranty status for expiration date and both have different expiration dates (screenshot attached below). Will email HDD serial numbers if required. Also the warranty period is less than 3 years.
Why are the expiration dates different? Have I just bought a used hard drive?
Is the hard drive warranty from the date of registration supposed to be exactly 3 years or less?
Please advise. Any help from WD representatives or anyone else will be appreciated.

Some companies base warranty date from date of manufacture based on unit’s serial number. Anyway, just check w/WD, I am sure they will take good care of your warranty needs.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I will run a complete drive test on both drives before checking with WD to see if there are any other issues I might not be aware of. Since they are 4TB drives it will take a fair amount of time for the test to complete. Hope everything goes well.
P.S. Community members please feel free to provide suggestions.

just show them the receipt and ask them to update warranty and they will do it :slight_smile: