3TB Green HDD not showing correct capacity in Data lifeguard


I have a 3TB Green HDD. I wanted to low level format it using WD data lifeguard, but the software shows a capacity of only 810GB. Windows 7 shows 3TB capacity. I also created a new GPT partition table on the drive using GParted live cd, but didn’t solve the problem. 

PS: I’m new to the community so I apologize in advance if I made a mistake in posting this question.

Hello and welcome to the community,

Do you have the drive connected to the computer using a external enclosure?

Thank you.

No. I’m connecting it  internally using SATA

I have a similar problem.  replacing a 1.5TB WD15EADS with a 3.0TB WD30EZRX.  During boot up post the correct capacity is shown but when setting up the partition (GPT) it only shows about 700GB.  The drive is recognized.

It appears that the system is affected by a 32-bit LBA limitation, in which case it could be a driver issue such as the following.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) drivers and Support for Disk Drives Beyond 2.2 TeraBytes (TB):

“Like other kinds of software, the Intel RST drivers are updated to keep pace with new technology. The Intel drivers found in retail releases of Windows 7 have a 2.2TB limitation. Rather than cut off the capacity at 2.2TB, the limitation expresses itself as the remainder above 2.2TB. In other words, the driver causes the Windows operating to see a 3TB drive as 746.52 GiB (or 800GB).”

BTW, I did search WD’s Knowledge Base for a similar explanation but I couldn’t find anything.