WD: Caviar Green 3TB but only 746 GB shown

Hello there,

I am new to this forum, so please be nice to me. :slight_smile:

I use a DELL Optiplex 980 with a Core i7 960 an a 1 TB WD. My OS is WIN 7 (x64) Enterprise. I have the latest BIOS Rev.

Also I have a 3 TB WD Green Caviar. When the HDD ist pluged to a SATA Controler, the System Shows me only 748 GB of Capacity, it is the same, if I am connect the HDD via a Adapterport to USB.

I guess the System only finds 512 KB Sectors and no 40XX KB Sectors.

Can someone please help me? Or is this HDD useless to me?

Thanks for you help in advance!

yah there must be something wrong with the drive… i suggest formatting the drive first. the capacity should show approx 931.30 GB

try downloading Data Lifeguard Diag


low level format the drive “write zeroes”

the reformat the drive, standard format. like C:> format c:

that should fix it