3TB Caviar Green alternative solutions for x32 and/or old chipset


I have the same problem with my 3TB WD Caviar Green as many other community members.

Searching on the web I understand that Windows Xp and generally x32 systems can’t recognize 2.2+TB drives and the mobo’s chipset must be compatible with large capacity drives.

What I can see: In my situation my BIOS already see 3000GB (in IDE mode) but my chipset is far away to be recognized for 2.2+TB HDD’s. Trying with Windows 7 x32 boot CD in install mode I can see two partitions, one of 2TB and the remained space of near 800GB (but the last one can’t be accessed).

What I want: My intention is to use the WD Caviar Green 3TB as secondary drive (as internal or external device) partitioned in minimum 4 partitions.

I don’t get answers in the topics and Google search exactly to my questions and alternative solutions.

So my questions are the following:

[1.] I see tow partitions, 2TB and 800GB because the HDD come formatted from the factory in MBR partition table which is 2TB max. Hence the 2TB and 800GB are separate partitions? Am I right?

[1.1.] If the above answer is yes, the 3TB HDD can be used with limited capacity? E.g. if in my situation (old chipset) Windows 7 recognize only 2TB as accessible, I can use the HDD with this capacity limit? Or the HDD will not work properly, because it is not designed to be in partial use?

[1.2.] If I can use the HDD with 2TB capacity limit and in the future I’ll change my Motherboard to see the full 3TB, it will be any problem in accessing my data? Or simply, I’ll have beside the 2TB partition the rest of 800GB partition accessible.

[2.] If I’ll partition my HDD on other motherboard with “good chipset”, in two 1.4TB partitions, I can use it in my system the whole drive? So, the compatibility issue refers to one partition HDD’s or to multiple partitions HDD’s too?

[3.] If I want to use my HDD as external drive rather than internal, my mobo’s chipset issue can be a barrier? Or the chipset doesn’t affect USB connected devices.

[3.1.] If I can use as external device, what is your opinion on the following enclosure:


Thank you in advance,


The drive comes with no partition since is a new unit…

Once you plugin the unit to your computer, you can go to the disk management and you can create different partitions so you  use the full drive…

Regarding the external enclosure, make sure to get one that supports a 3 TB unit…