3.00.28 Firmware bugs

Hi All,

after updating I have heavy issues:

  • no audio via HDMI / Does’n mater what kind of configuration…

  • audio via optical is not clear. You can hear clicking. Especially in orchestral slow music, for example at the begining (credits) of Star Trek 8 first contact. There is also some problems with voices: Sometimes they are broken.

Any Ideas?

I try everything - and now i rolled back to the nprevious version and everything is OK!

Unfortunately, Alex, you don’t need any ideas.  You’ve done the right thing.  The most recent firmware is buggy.  Stick with the previous version until WD can correct audio (and format) problems.

Please read my posts “zman789” had the same issues, I downgrade the firmware to previous release.

Sound is working again find.

You can get sound with if you downgrade to Stereo in Setup - Audio - HDMI section of the main menu.

Yep. this firmware is buggy. ALL my DVD-VOB files won’t play right. It only plays the menusw but won’t play other content.