2TB My Book reports as 1TB?

I just hooked up a new 2TB My Book Live, but it’s only reporting 1TB of space (996GB, but you know what I mean). The product number on the case resolves to the 2TB version (wdbacg0020hch-00). Before I make the trek back to the store for a replacement, is there any way to easily confirm that WD put the wrong drive in the case?

Are you getting the 966GB number from the my book dashboard?

The number was basically the same in both the dashboard and the Windows Explorer. I’m away from my system so I can’t see if they’re reporting exactly the same number.

Well, I exchanged the unit at Costco and the new one correctly reports just under 2Tb, so I guess I was right: The prevous unit had the wrong drive in the case.  Glad I checked it before starting to fill it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it had the CORRECT drive in the case.

There’s been a few instances of what you report;  a diagnostic report shows the CORRECT drive in the case, but the volume/partition is wrong, and even a reset won’t correct it.

This leads me to believe that WD puts something specfic in the firmware at the factory that is NOT changed when firmware is updated or reset – something that “fixes” the drive’s size – and something that is wrong for the given drive.

That’d be insane, but it’s the only thing I can think of…

Similar issue here. 3TB MBL but only states 2TB on UI and 1.8TB in Windows.

First I thought it might of been a Vista 32bit issue so installed Windows 7 64bit but still no luck. Ran a diagnostic as per above fron Tony and it reports the drive as 3TB.

Am I missing something here? Slowly going nuts over this one. Any help appreciated.