3tb MBL seen as 2tb by OS and UI

Hi everyone,

Originally setup my 3tb MBL on Vista SP2 32bit and straight away noticed the drive reported as only 1.8tb. Both the MBL’s UI and OS report the drive as only 2tb. Ran a diagnostic from support page in UI and resulting report shows it correctly as 3tb.

Decided to do a clean install and upgraded to W7 64bit but with exactly the same results. Have mapped the drive (Z:) no worries at all and shows up on my network.

Have heard reports of possible incorrectly partitioned drives and starting to wonder if I have this issue. Have sent 2 requests for HELP through WD customer support portal with absolutely no response after 2 weeks. Hoping someone here may be able to shed some light on my problem. Grateful for any help.


I passed your drive issue along.  Someone will be intouch with you for more information on this.

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please count in for having the same issue… just bought my unit today… did the firmware update as prompted when accessing the dashboard.  the bottom status bar shows only 2TB.  Did the factory reset, still showing 2TB.

thanks in advance.