1 TB or 2 TB?

I bought a2 TB  MyBookLive model WDBACG0020HCH (as stated on the retail box and drive label). Without even having transferred any files to the drive I see in the lower right of the MyBookLive dashboard  the numbers 4 GB / 992 GB… 4 GB of 992 GB is used. Why is there only a total of  992 GB available on the drive, and not the nearly 2 TB that I paid for? Is the drive a 1 TB drive in 2 TB clothing? Is there any other facility that shows the true capacity of the drive?

Thanks in advance for any information/advice.

Well I bought a 2TB drive yesterday so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t have this problem but I think I know what happened. It sounds like when you set the drive up you installed the back up software and the drive made a backup of all the files on your computer.

You could check that out by opening the share from the WD Icon on your system tray or windows explorer and seeing what is on the drive. Maybe you got a messed up drive. There could have been an error in the boxing rtc of the drive also and it truly is an only one TB drive but can in a 2TB drive box.

Thank you for your suggestions. No backup was done… I installed the drive and software, and noted that 4 GB of the only 992 GB was used. What are the numbers in the lower right of of your browser’s window when displaying MyBookLive dashboard? You must be seeing something greater than 992 GB.

I’m leaning towards this being a WD packaging problem… something inside the 2 TB package and case is set to 1 TB.

Mine says the amount used/ 2TB it sounds like not only is your drive packaged wrong but you have the old version of the firmware where you can’t remove the software that comes with the drive. I hope you bought it at Best Buy or a store with a liberal return policy. I would return it for a new one, then after set up open the dashboard and install the new firmware according to the notification. I’m having some problems with mine so far though, but with WD idea boards I feel that this is the best option for something like this. I had a GoFlex Satellite before I got this, and I didn’t have the problems I’m having with this one, but it’s max size was 500gb, it didn’t have a Pro application for my device where I could “open in…” and email, etc… This one also has compatibility with the blu ray player in my home and can stream to my apple tv. Plus connection is much easier. I think that my concerns about the app will be addressed eventually if enough people jump on the band wagon. Please view my ideas in the software and apps idea board. There the two newest ones. Please read them and comment on them with agreement if you like my ideas keeping in mind I made them because the ideas arent currently implemented. I would take my WD drive back today and get a new 2TB drive and do what I said. Then you can start using it for what you want it for within the limitations the system currently has.

Thank you for your information. My current drive is actually the 2nd one, and both have the same problem. I returned the 1st drive to Costco (who has a liberal return policy), and bought this 2nd drive, The firmware of both drives was updated to the latest.

I had initially opened a WD support case, and the case remains open. When the case was unresponed to, I called support, and after a 30 minute wait I talked to someone who was of little help. He was willing to replace the drive if I wanted, but a trip to Costco is more expedient. I fear that even a 3rd drive would have the problem since Costco probably purchases the drives by the pallet, and the whole pallet of drives have the problem.


Then I would return it again…and then, go to your local best buy store and buy one from there. Or if you don’t have a best buy in your area check on the official retailers at the main WD page and go to one of them that is near you. Then hopefully you won’t have this problem again. I can’t really think of what else it could be other than a packaging error. So there must have been a load of them packaged wrong and sent to your Costco. Please help me out though and comment on my ideas posts here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?filter=location&location=idea-board%3Asoftware_ideas&q=WD+2+go+app+update if you have time take my advice and return it then get a new one for a different store and be sure to let me know how it works out.