4 TB My Book showing as 2 TB

I just bought a new 4 TB My Book drive today and after I connected the drive to my laptop, it only showed 2 TB of total space. Just to confirm, I connected my existing 2 TB drive to the laptop and it showed the exact same space. Did I get a 2 TB drive by mistake? I read that there was an issue with Windows not detecting drives with greater than 2 TB properly, so I wanted to know if it was that before I returned the drive.

You didn’t give enough information on which My Book drive or what OS. I suspect you have one with 2 HDs made for Macs that is RAID. There are different settings. RAID 0 adds the 2 drives together as one drive. RAID 1 is mirrored and you only get the capacity of one physical drive. 2 drives that are 2T each in RAID 0 show as 4T and in RAID 1 show as 2T.


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I checked the box and it has model #WDBACW0040HBK-NESN, but the drive itself has model #WDBACW0020HBK-00 3811D, so I’m guessing it is the wrong size drive.

If you need OS information, I’m running Windows Vista, 64 bit. The drive box said the drive would be compatible with that OS.

Just an update: I exchanged the drive and this one is showing the proper capacity. I think someone might have swapped the drives and then re-shrinkwrapped it and returned it to the store (I noticed some other things were different between the two drives, such as the power cord).