2TB My Book Live isn't being detected in Windows XP


I am able to go through http://mybooklive and setup things no problem,

I have my mobile devices accessing mybooklive.

My Windows 7 laptop is able to send/receive files from mybooklive, also WD SmartWare installed instantly.

My Windows XP laptop, CD goes in to “find”/“Discovery” the mybooklive, and is unable to “Find” the Network Drive on the network. Yet all other devices can.

How to get WD SmartWare on my Windows XP laptop and the drivers installed, its a 32 bit windows.



If Windows 7 sees the drive then get the IP address on W7, then on XP click on start> run> and type \theipaddressoftheMBL. You’ll see all the shares, right-click any of them and select map network drive to install it. Skynet (Smartware) will be in the software folder.

If your computer can’t access the drive that way then it has a problem. Either it’s outside of the workgroup or netowrk services are not running well on that computer.

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