2TB MBL Suddenly has no connectivity

Wife was watching some moves on our WDTV Live Streaming and it suddenly froze. I checked the drive and it was still on, but I have no network connectivity to it at all. It wont pull a DHCP address. I have reset all my networking gear. I tried holding the reset for 4 seconds and still nothing. The light on the front will blink green for a while sometimes and then just go solid blue.

Any ideas? Am I going to have to crack it open to get the data out?

Try a different port on the router

if no go, connect directly to the PC

Did that, I reset my switch, changed switch ports, reset router, plugged directly into the router. I didnt try directly into the PC though becasue its set for DHCP it wouldnt be able to get an address. I dont use the WD software at all. Would it be of any use if the device isnt even pulling an ip from my router?