2 x 8TB thunderbolt drives

Hi guys and girls.

Thinking about getting 2 x 8TB thunderbolt 2, drives when WD will realeased them, still waiting :wink:

Will not have a thunderbolt Mac until the end of year, right now I use MacBook Pro (late 2007) with an ssd installed, and a iMac (2008) also with an ssd in the dvd drive, my plan is to upgrade to either a iMac + a iPad Pro!! or a MacBook Pro.

Would hope for an iPad Pro, as I like to take picture, and the raw files are quite big, having a iPad with some kind of file system that would talk to my iMac, would make me not need a MacBook Pro.

But I diegress :wink: Storage, my problem is that I have too many hds laying around, 2TB, a new 3Tb and about 5 smaller ones,

all the WD ones still work, on is 7 years old, so I would like to shop WD if possible.

My system with all this drives is just to messy.

If I would to buy the TB drives before I update my computers, could I then use them tru a usb,thunderbolt hub ?, I think it should work, but am not sure, maybe someone here is able to help.

A question about the Thunderbolt drives that WD sells at the moment, how quiet are they, can you have them stand on the same table as the iMac, and not be annoyed by the noice that they make, or are they really quiet ? also are the disk 5200 rpm ?

My plan is to have one in raid 0 and the second for backup.

Puf… a long post, hope someone takes time to read it.


Hello gryphongryph, are you refering to buying the internal drives first before buying the WD thunderbolt 2 case?