Thunderbolt External Hard Drive for Mac

Dear WD:

How about creating a Thunderbolt-enabled external hard disk drive for the Mac? If it had USB 3.0 that would also be nice. Thx for your great products!


Looking forward to Thunderbolt and larger drives.  Have 2x2 TB and 4x2TB Studio II drives now.  Have been using eSATA and can’t wait for Thunderbolt.  Bring on the speed.

It should be on portable hard drive as well, it’s clearly becoming a standard plus, it’s low energy consumption.

Planning ahead regarding getting the Thunderbold Duo. I’ll be setting it up with Raid 1 and using as my Time Machine back up. Question, having had 3 other brand backup hard drives fail without warning, no longer being able to be used by TIme Machine, what is the product number for the replacement drives for this 6GB model. I’d like to know what to order if I need to replace one of the user replacable drives. (Yes, planning ahead, though hopefully WD drives or more reliable than Iomega so I won’t have that problem.)