2 WD TV Live devices & 1 WD My Book


I have a WD TV Live to which I’ve connected WD My Book 3TB through USB. MY WD TV Live is connected to my Wireless Network.

If I buy a 2nd WD TV Live to connect it to my Kids TV in their room. Can I connect the 2nd WD TV Live to WD My book which is connect the 1st WD TV Live in my living room?

Basically I would like to have two WD TV Live connected to the same WD MyBook. 1 WD TV Live through wired connection and the 2nd WD TV Live through wireless network connection.

Many thanks.

Yes, the WDTV in the Kid’s room will see the other WDTV/hardrive on your network.  I am not sure if it will see it via network or media server option. Might have to experiment a bit. I also seem to remember that in doing this you will only be able to play from one of them at a time but I may be wrong.  Will edit this post if I find more details.

Question…does your current wireless router have a usb connection? Might be more useful to connect harddrive to the router itself and access from the network that way.