How to connect my 2nd WD TV Live to my WD My Book


I have a WD TV Live to which I’ve connected WD My Book 3TB through USB. MY WD TV Live is connected to my Wireless Network.

If I buy a 2nd WD TV Live to connect it to my Kids TV in their room. Can I connect the 2nd WD TV Live to WD My book which is connect the 1st WD TV Live in my living room?

Basically I would like to have two WD TV Live connected to the same WD MyBook. 1 WD TV Live through wired connection and the 2nd WD TV Live through wireless network connection.

Many thanks.

Hi, welcome to the community.

I have not tried this, lets see is another user can provide some feedback or tips on this matter.

Yes, many of us do this. If you haven’t already, you need to set up your network so you can share the MyBook on your entire home network.  If you can access your MyBook on WDTV from your PC, then it is shared.  If not you need to see the complete manual for your WDTV device. 

Once this operates, then a second WDTV can also access the MyBook drive like a PC can.  You would use network shares function of WDTV menu…  Important thing to know is that the second WDTV needs to have a different name, e.g. if the first unit is named WDTV, then the second needs to be named, e.g. WDTV2.  Both WDTVs need to be part of the same Workgroup, and since the default name is WORKGROUP for both units this may not be an issue.

Another issue could be wifi reception.  If too weak, you will have suttter or stalling video results.

Anyway, it can be done, but there are issues along the way you will have to solve.