2.30.172 (11/16/2017) Firmware Discussion


Please don’t tell me that the shutdown button is still missing and don’t tell me you developed a device without thinking of shutting it down except force shutdown!


Who are you talking to…?

There’s no-one here from WD, especially not any developers…


WD has long known about the missing shutdown button. There have been an number of firmware releases since users here started complaining about it. WD has made the decision (so far) to not fix the firmware coding to unhide the option in the My Cloud Dashboard HTML/CSS coding.

We are end users such as yourself. Mostly the WD “staff” who occasionally frequent these user to user subforums do chime in to help but that’s not very often. If you want WD to hear you, contact WD support directly and complain. Even then chances are very slim they’ll actually listen and fix something many have complained about here and in the Cloud Ideas subforum.


ooo! my bad!


Seems like … wander in space where the only one who could help is …“No One!”. Thanks for the response.


There are workarounds to the shutdown problem. Search the forum.


The thing has GPIOs though. That’s how it controls the LED lights… They could have attached one to a button, and have a shell script monitoring the dumb thing, and when somebody pushes it, it fires off “shutdown now” on a shell.

But no. WD couldn’t do that. :rage:

Instead I have to down it half-assedly over ssh, then pull the power plug before it can reboot.


Indeed they are present. But None are safe to consider when the manufacture himself is not sure about it and hence removed it.


No-one knows why WD have removed it; the function is present in the higher versions of the family, running essentially the same firmware.

We don’t even know whether it’s deliberate, or yet another error on WD’s part. So I wouldn’t say it’s unsafe. A lot more safe than pulling the power without shutting down, anyway…

If you search, there are methods that don’t require modification of the web server; using one of the WD apps for the PC


I appreciate your efforts for your guidance and help. Will for sure try it while i am on windows or mac.Thanks a lot!


What I find odd is that the documentation refers to a “shutdown” button under settings in the dashboard, but the drive doesn’t show that on the dashboard, having a “hibernate” button instead. Is that just my “MyCloud EX2” or is that general. I’m using firmware purportedly the “latest.”


The missing shutdown button on the second generation v2.x firmware single bay My Clouds has been long and well discussed. With many requests, including at least one post in the Cloud Ideas subforum to bring the option back. The User Manual for the v2.x single bay My Cloud makes reference to the Dashboard Shutdown option at least twice even though the Dashboard does not contain that option. Well it does but it is being hidden by the HTML/CSS code of the Dashboard page and there is a post or two in other discussions on the issue that indicate how to temporarily unhide the option.

WD has a specific knowledgebase article explaining how to shutdown the single bay My Cloud devices.


After installing new firmware, sharing single file or directory on internet doesn’t work anymore.
I get 200007 or 402300 error.


My drive fails to install this repeatedly. It doesn’t tell me it’s incompatible software or anything else, it just says it failed and try again later. I’ve been at this for the last three hours.

How can I tell if it’s compatible software? The console says the firmware is up to date at 2.11.168 which is very far behind this 2.30.172.

My drive is fairly old, around '15. Perhaps it’s first generation?



Have you tried to download the firmware file and updating it manually? Sometimes manually installing the firmware file through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section will work when the automated method the Dashboard uses doesn’t work. Relevant WD Knowledgebase articles:



Sorry I wasn’t clear, but that’s what I’m doing.

Dashboard/Settings/Firmware Update/Manual Update. It loads the file then comes back and says “Upload firmware failed. Try again.” It never reboots or gives any other indication.

I cycled power once, not every time I try it.


Are you uploading over a wireless connection or a wired connection? If wireless, try a wired connection.

Other typical troubleshooting steps. Perform a 40 second reset then try to upgrade the firmware. Make sure you are downloading the correct firmware for your My Cloud model.


Upgrading over Ethernet.

Where exactly can I check for correct firmware for my My Cloud? That’s part of my questions.

The MyCloud itself thinks it’s up to date. When I click the “check for update” it says I have the latest version.

As I say, I got this NAS at the end of 2015. Two years ago. Does that mean it’s too old for this update?


The My Cloud Support site has links to down load the latest firmware for each of the My Cloud models.


My resolution is that I have a Gen 1 My Cloud, so that file apparently isn’t compatible with mine. It clearly says, (you say, actually) “second gen My Cloud”

According to the support website, my drive is right that I really have the most up to date driver for mine.

Thanks for your help, Bennor.